About me

My Name is Ramin Ramezani Sarajari and I want to welcome you to my website. I am from the United States of America and now I live in the beautiful city of Chicago as I love Chicago for its diversity and various opportunities for everyone from all over the world. Chicago is not a particularly glamorous city although you can certainly find premium shopping, dining and housing. In fact, there are very few buildings in the city that existed prior to the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. For the most part, the buildings are under 115 years old. Pride in one’s neighborhood, from huge parks to lots of green space to beautiful waterfronts, sets Chicago apart from a lot of other cities.

I was born in Iran but I have grown up in the United States of America. I am a very proud citizen of the United States of America and appreciate my Persian heritage.

The origin of my name comes from a famous Persian Poetry. Vis and Rāmin is an ancient Persian love story. The epic was composed in poetry by the Persian poet Asad Gorgani in 11th century. The story dates from pre-Islamic Persia. Gorgani claimed a Sassanid origin for it, however it is now being regarded as a Parthian dynastic origin, probably the 1st century AD.

I have decided to make this website about myself and my interest. I am hoping to present who truly I am and perhaps meet new friends. I do not represent any organization nor have any political motivation.

I am a Chemical Engineer with Executive MBA and a certified project manager (PMP). I have focused my career within the Biotech/Pharmaceutical industries although I have few years’ valuable experiences in the Food industry. I have worked for many top organizations and also had a valuable experiences working with a medium to smaller ones. The key to my success I believe is in my diligence, positive outlook & good communication skill. There are many people with all kinds of education graduated from top school, but what I have learnt and realize is that my past life experiences and personality has advanced me in my career and how to manage my projects.

In my professional life I am a visionary, industrious and highly dynamic SENIOR MANAGER with proven strategic planning, project delivery and financial management expertise together with an outstanding track record leading major business change across procurement, manufacturing and logistical operations for global blue-chip companies. A tenacious and highly skilled senior manager, with specialist technical expertise, who originates, develops and implements innovative system improvements within fixed and demanding timeframes.
I am a proactive leader, with excellent cost management skills and the proven ability to develop robust processes to control finances and achieve substantial savings, 100% in line with policies, best practices & legislation, regardless of pressure. I am a strong communicator who introduces change with exceptional clarity, rolling out training across large multi-disciplined teams. Encourages evaluation and evolution, constantly adapting methods and conceiving new processes to improve efficiency and maximize business performance.