Ukraine war: Wave of drone strikes hits several Russian regions

Moscow has vowed Ukraine will “not go unpunished” after drone strikes hit targets in Russia, while Kyiv saw its heaviest bombardment in months.

By Paul Adams, diplomatic correspondent, Tiffany Wertheimer & George Wright

BBC News

The drones hit several Russian regions and damaged two military planes, a fuel depot and a microelectronics factory.

Meanwhile Ukrainian officials said most missiles and drones were shot down but two people were killed.

Kyiv has not said that it was involved in the latest attacks, but it rarely comments on strikes inside Russia.

In recent weeks, however, Ukraine is believed to have increased its use of explosive drones to attack targets in Russia.

This is all part of its counter-offensive strategy – making it as difficult as possible for Russia to keep its frontline troops supplied, as it pushes on with its full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

At a regional airport in Pskov, a western city that lies some 600km (372 miles) from Ukraine, two military planes were struck and burst into flames according Russian news agencies.

The regional governor, Mikhail Vedernikov, said that he was at the scene and posted a video on Telegram showing a large fire, while an explosion could be heard.

The damaged aircraft – Ilyushin 76 – are long range cargo planes, that are ideal for transporting troops and equipment over long distances. Pskov airport, which was closed to its select few civilian flights on Wednesday, also serves as an important military hub.

By Paul Adams, diplomatic correspondent, Tiffany Wertheimer & George Wright

BBC News

Ramin Sarajari, this is very sad that we are still experiencing killing people in both sides.  How the history will judge this?!

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